We named ourselves POEM because our pictures capture beyond an instant moment but a story behind

Wedding shooting is always full of touching stories and moments of surprise. It is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion; and POEM is here to capture such special day for you in one take.

Established in 2011 by Thomas Ng, Freddy Ma and Yoshi Hon, POEM Wedding Photography strives to deliver timeless shots of wedding day with the use of photojournalistic approach. Instead of overly staging the photo, we stress on presenting the real and natural with limited-to-none interference.

For us, wedding shots are meant to express as well as retain the joy, the bliss, and, indeed, the love. With an excellent grasp in timing, lighting and spatial composition, our group of passionate photographers do not just take pictures; they tell story through capturing the unpredictably authentic, emotional and heart-warming moments, which would later transform into a series of precious memories for you and your loved ones to look back with laughter and tears.

Apart from doing what we do, POEM never ceases to learn and improve. We advocate peer learning atmosphere where idea exchange and team work are appreciated. We organize wedding photography workshops and exhibitions regularly to welcome wedding photography newbies as well as fanatics for open discussion. We constantly look for ways to grow the industry, to introduce wedding photojournalism and to become better and better at what we are passionate in.

The photojournalistic sensibility is the way we express your heartfelt emotions, the way we construct your real memories with your own moments on your special day.

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